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Pitcher's Pouring

Don't Quit on Me

Marriage sometimes can feel like a 'death crawl" with added weight. Ever feel like your spouse is not "carrying their weight?" Could it possibly be they NEED you to "Not Quit on Them?" Are you willing to feel the "burn," "the hurt," ...Marriage is not ALWAYS going to feel good and we must "Not Quit on Me!" God has not QUIT and we MUST NOT QUIT! Invest 5 minutes for a new perspective of marriage!


Do you have 5 minutes to ENCOURAGE yourself and your marriage? If you are one of the many who have encountered divorce, DO NOT let this message discourage you or condemn you! NO! Use it to encourage you and propel you into a different mindset for your future!

This is ONE POWERFUL scene in the movie Facing The Giants! As we watched, all we could hear was God saying..."Don't you quit on me!"

Everything this young man says as he is crawling with his TEAM MATE on his back is TRUE in marriage...

It hurts!
It's heavy!
It burns!
It's too hard!

Ever felt that way?

Did you notice his coach? He is not off in the distance screaming commands! No he is right there with him, telling him "Don't you quit on me!" WOW!!! He is encouraging him the WHOLE way!

Can you hear God, saying "Don't you quit on me!" Can you hear God saying "I am giving you My best, give me your best!"

At the end the coach says "If you are defeated, they will be defeated."

You see there are times in our relationships that one of us will feel like we are carrying all the weight and it will hurt, burn, be heavy and feel too hard! However, when we have God on our side as our coach, we can do MORE than we ever thought possible! Why? Because we serve a God that makes the impossible, POSSIBLE!

May you be encouraged today in whatever you are going through that if you have placed God as the head of your relationship (Eccl 4:12), then you have the absolute BEST COACH ever! He will never let you down and He will be right there with you at ALL times no matter how HARD it is!

Marriage is TEAMWORK! Marriage is SERVING one another! One day you are the stronger team mate and another day you are being carried by your spouse! We promise when you get to the end zone, you will understand it is WELL worth every bit of pain, hurt, burn and challenge! Marriage is a GIFT from God!


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