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Pitcher's Pouring

From Gory to Glory - Part 1

Just the mention of the word "GORY" makes me think of unpleasantness. You might say there is a vivid picture of nastiness, bloodiness and simply nothing good. However, it is interesting that when you add one letter to the word "GORY" it changes its WHOLE meaning. Check out what happens when we go from "Gory" to "GLORY!" Thank you God for the "L."

One day while watching Levi Lusko preach a message, he stated, "We go from "gory" to GLORY!" The Holy Spirit started speaking to me, and said there is only one letter difference in these two words (yes, it is obvious). The letter "L" is for "LOVE." In 1 Peter 4:8, the Bible states, "Love covers a multitude of sins." Not just any LOVE, but God's love! Agape love! Unconditional love! The ONLY type of love that can truly take you from "gory" to "GLORY." How amazing and wonderful is that love! 1 John 4:8, "God is love."

Gory – Involving violence or showing bloodshed
Glory – Magnificence or great beauty or to take pleasure in

Most likely many of us at some point or another have felt like the circumstances we were or are currently in could be classified as "gory." They do not feel good. They are impossible to bear. There appears to be no resolution. Things look bleak. Time passes and nothing has changed. Sometimes they are "violently" affecting our everyday lives. They can even feel "bloody." That is until the letter "L" appears on the scene. You see every story ending in GLORY has blood in the story.

God's love changes EVERYTHING! God's love makes the impossible, POSSIBLE. God's love is UNLIMITED! God's love is UNCONDITIONAL! God's love is PERFECT! 1 John 4:8 tells us that "God IS love." For many of us it is hard to understand God's love because we have never experienced any love on this earth does not involve some form of emotion. Although God has emotions, His love is totally removed from emotion because He IS love! God's love is ACTION!

The Bible speaks of three different types of love in the scriptures:

Eros love is purely desire and passion, driven totally by emotions.
Philos love is a love shared with experiences with another. This love can sour when you encounter a bad experience with that person.
Agape love is not determined by our feelings, but it is more behavior or action driven. Agape love is NEVER "performance-based."

Only God can take the "gory" and bring "GLORY" out of it. This is where God turns the "ashes into beauty." When the GLORY arrives, you are left standing on the other side of "gory" with such strength. You are left KNOWING that your Heavenly Father has LOVED you through the impossible and brought you out on the other side. You are praising and seeing and feeling the beauty. You NOW stand stronger filled with pleasure of the unconditional love you have experienced. So when you feel like your back is against the wall…you feel like there is no possible way out of this situation…you are about to fall…

REMEMBER…you are only one "L" away from His "LOVING you into GLORY!" There is nothing impossible for God!  (Luke 1:37). Let God add the letter "L" to your "gory." Whatever you face today, KNOW that God's love is waiting to bring you into "GLORY!"

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