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All the SINGLE ladies and all the SINGLE men listen up! Pitcher Ministries is hosting meetings for SINGLES that truly are tired of the dating scene as they know it today. If you fit that category and are interested in approaching dating differently, then please contact us.

Why are you DATING? It is a bit concerning when we ask this question and don't really receive an answer because the individual  has NEVER thought about it. BEFORE you date is the time to answer that question. What do you want out of this? Many people are dating to find a mate. Makes sense to us!

Are you PROTECTING your HEART while you are "dating?"

Most likely if you are above the age of 18, your heart has been betrayed, angered, disappointed, hurt, grieved, and/or in some cases down right WALKED ON! We caution you to make sure you GUARD your HEART (Proverbs 4:23) because you will not be getting a new heart before you marry. Many times your future spouse will be the recipient of a very cracked, stitched, boken and band-aided heart. We want to help you be intentional in guarding your heart and heal any wounds!

Don't fall for the lie that what you do NOW has NO IMPACT on your future MARRIAGE!

So many times we fall for the belief that we are young and need to "sow our oats" so we will have that "out of us" before we settle down. Unfortunately, those oats have a way of infecting and carrying unseen disease over into our marriages. Today there is much talk about GMOs. Well guess what, those oats are LOADED with GMOs. They taste really good, but they are poisoning your future without you realizing it.

What does Albert Einstein have to do with DATING?

"If you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome, that is INSANITY." This  quote by Albert Einstein applies to dating as well. How do we expect to get a different outcome in our dating process if we continue to use the same lines, methods and actions?

  • Are you ready to take a pro-active approach to dating?
  • Are you tired of beng CONTROLLED by dating?
  • Are you ready to CONTROL the dating process?

If we are speaking to you, contact us NOW! We want  to help you discover what God really has for your future mate.

Remember the early bird gets the worm, not the bird that sits back and waits and does NOTHING!

NOW is the time to think about your future marriage!

Are you interested in approaching dating differently?

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