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From Gory to GLORY - Part 2

As we journey through life on this earth, we are going to encounter some "gory" times. However, when God's love interrupts our "gory" and brings in His love, we can STILL feel as though we are going through "gory." Read on to see how this is possible...

Last week we discussed how God's LOVE is what changes "gory" to "GLORY." Yes, it is that POWER of the "L" which stands for LOVE! Not just any love, but God's Agape (Unconditional Love).

This week it is important to recognize that God's love when we are in "gory" may not feel like love at that moment. Just as a parent knows what is best for their children and respond to a certain situation out of love, that child does not always feel like it is love at that specific time. However, after the fact, the child can see more clearly and understand it was an act of love with many benefits in the end.

Walking through "gory" is messy and bloody. Let's face it this life can dish out some pretty tough blows. As we walk through these times, we are provided two options: 1) To walk in our own strength and advice of those around us or 2) Seek God and His promises and provisions for our problem.

When we choose option 2, we are then focusing on God's promise and provision. His love starts to come forth because He is a good Father. He only wants what is best for His children. But remember, He know what the best truly is and it may not look like what you think it should. Does this mean He is not moving on your behalf? Does this mean, He is punishing you? No! Not one bit. His ways are higher than ours and we are not capable of understand all that He manuvuers in our lives. 

This is why TRUST (Total Reliance Upon Sovereign Time) is a vital part of our walk with God. Of course, the sentence above was easy to type, but let's be is much harder to walk it out day-after-day. We can only start on this journey of TRUST when we really know who God is and what He desires for us.

Learning about God and how He feels about you and what His promises are will take effort. However, this effort has great rewards and brings the letter "L" and changes your "gory" to "GLORY." We all have blood in our story at one point or another. It is how we handle that bloodshed that matters most.

Let God's love overflow into your life today!

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